How much does it cost to have a website?

A simple answer is provided as an estimate in the table at the bottom,

but this question is too ambiquous to get a straight answer because the concept of "a website" refers to something that has too many aspects that are complex in nature and which is variable.

A website has a specific size, a character, a colour, a theme, a purpose, an appearance, a measure of interaction, an audience and many different aspects that are all variable.

A website could be used as an electronic pamphlet and priced as such, but this would be a total under utilization of the capabilities of this medium. These variables directlly influence the price and if unspecified, one can only obtain a price estimate.

The processes of Web Design and Development are suject to so many variables that it is almost impossible to link a unit price to a "unit" of web design or development.

To complicate things even more, a Web Site should constantly be changed and improved to satisfy it's users and to remain relevant. Introducing web maintenance and improvement as a part of web development is often considered as an after thought but without it, a website will most certainly be unsuccesful. A website is a means of communication that can in many ways be compared to a conversation, when the flow of information stops, communication breaks down.

To ensure that a website achieves its goals, it should be marketed and promoted, visitor behaviour should be recorded and statistics should be monitored and analysed to determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts.  Continuous change in marketing efforts based on the feedback from statstics is the key to internet marketing success.


Web Services Pricing

Prices are offered with the least amount of explanation for budgeting purposes.

A proper quotation is subject to more explicitly defined requirements.
The first three items are the minimum requirements for a website.

Domain name Registration

R79 - R250
per annum

Website Hosting

R100 - R500
per month

Web Design (5-10 Pages )

Including the following:
Professional looking, custom designed web interface

Typical pages (Home, About us, Contact us, Products/Services, Blogs, Articles, News, Special features)

Optional features (not included in the price):
* Custom Forms
* Commenting with Articles
* File download or upload functionality
* Syndicated Articles
* User Access control
* Photo Gallery
* Newsletter Manager
* Shopping Cart
* Business Directory
* Product Catalogue
* Guest book
* Events Booking facility
* and many others

R2500 - R5000
once off

Additional pages after the first 10

per page

Website Maintenance and Optimization

R250 - R1500
per month

Custom programming and Ad Hock services

per hour

Website Marketing and Promotion

R285 - R3500
per month

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