Web Design and Development


Our pursuit is to effectively communicate each customer's unique message, to an audience of choice on the internet,  by using the process of web development.

Web Development defined.....  in an all inclusive context is a broad term for the activities involved in creating a web site for the Internet including the following: 

  1. Website requirement gathering and planning.  (What is the purpose and goals of the website, who is the audience, what is the message to be conveyed, which methods and mechanisms are going to be used to achieve it).

  2. Defining the content, interaction, navigation and presentation that should be used for the website .  (Who should be the visitors, what needs to be communicated and which communication toos should be used)

  3.  Designing the graphical interface which is largely a function of Website Design (Colour, graphics, images, video, forms, functions and features).

  4. Developing and creating web content (How can the message be worded effectively and efficiently)
  5. Programming and application development (Technical aspects relating to the operation of the website)
  6. Publishing and posting on the Internet (Presenting information on the internet through reliable hosting)
  7. Internet marketing and promotion (Getting visitors to view the website and giving them the means to interact and take action)
  8. Maintenance and improvement (Keeping things working as intended, and adding new features)
  9. Training and support (Providing training on website usage and administration.)

The ultimate success of the development process lies in the successful communication of the message to the intended audience.