Terms of Service

Specialized Graphics is a business providing services and products to the benifit of our customers in exchange for a fair profit. 

We strive for excellence in all aspects and prefer to be guided by principles of moderation, fairness, loyalty, integrity and honesty. We believe that everyone is able to excel in some way or another and recognize the place of our competitors in the maketplace.

Our striving for excellence is practically done by:

- improving the knowledge and skills of our staff

- reducing costs where possible without compromising quality

- doing research on the availability of new and cost saving

- materials,

- techniques

- service providers that excel in their fields

- tools and software utilities

- allocating and utilizing resources in a cost effective way

- minimizing wastage and our impact on the environment


To achieve the goal of making a profit by providing excellent products and services we have adopted certain general terms and conditions under which we wish to operate. These conditions do not exist to trick anyone but is intended to illiminate or clarify possible misunderstandings and to define our desired terms of operation.

The Legal Menu on the right contains most of the terms and conditions applicable to our operation.


If you have any comments please do not hesitate to complete the form below or contact us by any other method that is available.

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