Standard range of Spot Colours for screen printing

The chart below represents our standard Spot Colour range for screenprinting:

(Keep in mind that the colours in this table are approximations and that appearance on a computer screen is influenced by many factors including your own monitor settings. Exact references can only be made against a physical colour swatch.)

Full colour printing
involves the printing of the four process colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which is represented by the letter K. (Hence CMYK).

We are able to print any spot colour or in full colour on rigid substrates including correx and ABS. We no longer do textile printing.

When printing in full colour a photographic positive for each of the four CMYK process colours is required with each being printed one after the other to obtain the full colour image. This explains the higher cost of full colour work.


The spot colour swatch below applies to screen printing onto vinyls, correx board and plastics such as ABS.

Actual apearance of colours when printed.

Please note that these colours are approximations and in actual fact are quite bright and slightly darker after being printed, than the appearance in the chart. The colours are bold and does not resemble anything close to a pastel range of colours.

Availability of other colours.

Any Pantone Coated colour can be mixed at an additional cost.



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