ABS board Screen printing prices

Attached to this page are some documents with price tables for ABS plastic sheet printing .

Each document is for a different size ABS board and below the price tables in the documents are some clarifying notes with additional options.  You will need a pdf reader to be able to view the documents and one way would be to download the Adobe Reader.

Although these prices are subject to change, they are current and can be used for budgetary calculations. If you are uncertain we will gladly provide a firm quotation to ensure that you have considered all factors. Kindly Contact Us with your requirements and we will reply by email as soon as possible.

Orders are normally processed as follows:

1) Upon receipt of your order or acceptance of our quotation we will reply with an Order Confirmation.

2) The order confirmation will contain an expected completion date (which is normally five to ten working days from receipt of an order) with a list of items ordered and the specific terms and conditions relating to the order. Kindly note our General Terms and Conditions

3) Once preceding conditions if any have been fulfilled we will proceed with the manufacturing of your order.


The screen printing process is labour intensive and relatively time consuming especially for the preparatory phase.  Prices have a large overhead component which explains the fact that unit prices are greatly reduced for larger quantities up to a certain point. The inverse applies which means that prices are high for lower quantities.

See the article on The Screen printing Process.

Download this file (190x190x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)190x190x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 190x190x0.9mm ABS]125 kB
Download this file (290x290x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)290x290x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 290x290x0.9mm ABS]125 kB
Download this file (310x207x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)310x207x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 310x207x0.9mm ABS]125 kB
Download this file (400x400x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)400x400x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 400x400x0.9mm ABS]55 kB
Download this file (415x310x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)415x310x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 415x310x0.9mm ABS]57 kB
Download this file (600x400x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)600x400x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 600x400x0.9mm ABS]57 kB
Download this file (600x500x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)600x500x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 600x500x0.9mm ABS]57 kB
Download this file (600x600x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)600x600x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 600x600x0.9mm ABS]57 kB
Download this file (830x620x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf)830x620x0_9mm_white_ABS_28June18.pdf[Prices - 830x620x0.9mm ABS]57 kB

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