Municipal Regulations regarding Outdoor Signage

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This articles relates to Municipal Regulations for street posters and signage in South Africa and specifically to that of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) and the City of Johannesburg.  Regulation regarding the use of Outdoor Signage is under the jurisdiction of each Municipal Area and should be obtained from the  relevant offices.

Note that a distinction is made between various forms of signage:

  • Outdoor Signage on private property (a permanent structure with fixed information)
  • Outdoor Signage on private property for the purpose of renting out advertising space (a permanent structure with changing information)
  • Outdoor Signage on Municipal property
  • On-premises business signage
  • High impact Outdoor Advertising Signs
  • Outdoor signage for a Home-undertaking
  • Auction Posters (This includes correx board posters)
  • Real Estate Agent signs (This includes correx board posters)
  • Event/promotional Posters (This includes correx board posters)

Bylaws for the regulation of Outdoor Advertising in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality was promulgated in February of 2006 that superseded all previous regulation.  From the City of Tshwane website on Outdoor Advertising (with no reference to any date of creation or modification at the time of this writing), a reference is made to "recently promulgated By-laws" which may indicate that a more recent copy exists.  In their faq section on By-Laws it is indicated that one could apply for a copy of the by-laws from the Streetscape Management Section of the Municipality that may be reached by telephone at 012 358 7651/7694/8008 or by fax at 012 358 8026.  Under the same faq's it is indicated that outdoor signage is regulated by the "City of Tshwane Outdoor Advertising By-law" and to apply for outdoor advertising signs, one should contact the City Planning Division at 012 358 7694.

Outdoor Advertising in Tshwane is a sub-section of the Streetscape Management Section in the City Planning Division.

It is advisable to contact your local municipal office regarding authorization to erect any signage that will be publicly visible.

Although regulations may differ in detail, I believe that the aim of regulation throughout South Africa is:"to ensure that outdoor advertising is environmentally sensitive and socially responsible and that signage is displayed on structures that are safe, aesthetically pleasing and suited to the area in which they are put up."Although the use of Outdoor Signage is regulated it is generally understood to be accepted by Municipalities as a legitimate medium of advertising. I do not believe that it is necessary to apply for permission to erect a sign if you only want to put a sign plaque at your front door to identify yourself as a professional person, for instance. The same applies for a street name and number unless it becomes questionable due to it's size. These are however my personal views and it remains advisable to contact the relevant authorities.

The following documents were extracted from the official web sites referenced below and if these do not serve your purpose, you may find other documents relevant to your circumstances by contacting the departments mentioned above.

Some documents regarding Outdoor advertising (The relevance or datedness uncertain)

  1. Outdoor advertising bylaws of the City of Tshwane (February 2006 version)
  2. Outdoor advertising bylaws of the City of Johannesburg
  3. Application Guidelines for Outdoor Advertising on private property - Tshwane
  4. Requirements for a sign at a home-undertaking - Tshwane
  5. Application form for the approval of a permanent sign on private property - Tshwane
  6. Extracts of the Fines relating to the contravention of the Outdoor Advertising Bylaws - Tshwane
  7. Requirements regarding Event Posters - Tshwane
  8. Application Guidelines for Outdoor Advertising Signage - Johannesburg

More information can be obtained from the following web sites:

Contact numbers for Tshwane Offices regarding Outdoor Signage and Posters:

  • Outdoor advertising enquiries - Tshwane Phone: 012 358 7651 Fax:012 358 8026
  • Permanent advertising applications - Tshwane Phone: 012 358 8035 or 012 358 7651 or 012 358 7604
  • Street lamp-pole events posters - Tshwane Phone: 012 341 4401 Fax: 012 341 4484
  • Street lamp-pole promotional posters - Tshwane Phone: 012 341 4401 Fax: 012 341 4484

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